Laser Screed Floors

Laser Screed Floors

The latest technology in concrete flooring for large surfaces.

This is the latest technology for concrete flooring. This process further reduces the no. of joints as no form work is required in between to support the Surface Vibrators. Form work is done only on the periphery of the panel e.g. 30 x 30 mtrs, 20 x 20 mtrs etc, to stop the concrete from flowing outside panel.

In this case ,concrete with low water : cement ratio is modified to for higher slump ( higher workability ) using admixtures . With Laser Screed machines like CopperHead XD, S -840, the operator can walk into the concrete and level it by cutting the excess while coming back. Boom type machines like S 15, S 240 do the screeding standing outside the concrete. Laser Screeds are guided by Laser Transmitter fixed on column or tripod. The receivers fixed on the machines constantly track the laser signal and adjust the level of cutting blade to the correct level.

Areas as large as 2500 sq. mtrs can be finished in a day using these machines along with Ride On Trowels and Finishing Tools like Bull Float etc… This output calls for good coordination in the entire operation starting from area preparation to final finish and induced joints in a specified time.


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