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Laser Screed Flooring for flat floor with reffereance to TR 34

Laser Screed Flooring employing Aquarius – European technology to enable faster concrete flooring for large floor areas with benefits such as fewer joints for a more seamless surface. Execution using Ride on trowell (ROT). Doing away with the conventional method of pouring concrete in long strips which is time consuming and entails more joints on the surface, we employ the latest method using advanced technology which helps in laying large monolithic areas without pre-formed joints, thus offering superior floor flatness and faster floor laying.


  • High speed laying of concrete floors and deck slabs.
  • Changes the conventional method of laying floors in long strips to laying large monolithic areas without pre-formed joints.

Tremix Flooring System

Flooring with a combination of Truss Screed for vibration and floating operations with Power Trowels and Ride on trowell. Cutting of grooves with mechanized diamond wheel for expansion and contraction in intervals.

Colored Concrete Flooring

An in depth exploration of the various concrete floor finishing treatments that are Epoxy concrete treatments allow you to achieve dramatic colors and designs while protecting the material against the strains and damage.

Concrete polishing and Dencification using nano technology


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